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Keep Your Hands Off Me

is a community-based, non-profit (501(c)(3)) Adult Advocacy Organization located in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina and serving all who are in need.


To create a safe space for victims of sexual molestation, assault, and abuse to heal, grow, and overcome their trauma.


For those who were sexually traumatized to uncover self-worth, walk in their purpose, and lead a triumphant life.

Our Services

6-Week Bootcamp

6-week Boot Camp with Tracy D. Harrison, author of Finding Resiliency in the Midst of Trauma. Tracy offers 6 weeks of 90-minute coaching classes to assist you in breaking down the walls of negativity due to childhood trauma. Boot Camp will allow you the ability to change your mindset through growth, development, and forgiveness. Please email to sign up for our next boot camp.

Case Management

How can we help? We offer 1-on-1 goal setting for your personalized journey. We will assist in your growth and development so that you can breathe easier. We do this by scheduling you a weekly or bi-weekly meeting and discussing what your needs are and what resources we can utilize to help you succeed at your highest capacity.

Parenting Courses

Evidence-based classes for families coping with trauma and stress

Events & Activities

Special events to benefit community members


The Founder's Journey

Read the personal account of Keep Your Hands Off Me's founder and the experiences that lead to her efforts to help other molestation survivors in their healing and recovery from trauma.

Tracy's book is available on

Also, join us on Facebook at Finding Resiliency in the Midst of Trauma Book Club.

Feedback Comments

"I believe you are right. My spirit, my soul, my inner being is tired of feeling this way. I'm ready for a change. I can really feel that and understand that now." -Anonymous

"I started a meditation app last night and I got SLEEP!!!! I feel amazing. No one can tell that I'm the same person who just lost her grandpa last week!!! You are my new favorite person in the world!!! You are helping me feel so free." -Anonymous

"I feel good. I don't feel how I would normally feel when I would finish a therapy session. Very refreshing and uplifting." -Anonymous

"Until we started talking to each other, I have always kept my emotions bottled up inside me regarding my molestation!" -Anonymous


1506 Market Street Suite A/B
Wilmington, NC 28401


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